Complete these SunSmart activities to help you remember the sunsmart message.

Downloadable Activities

pdf Colouring in - school playground

pdf Colouring in - beach

pdf Crossword and colouring in activity

pdf Wordfind_Undercovercody.pdf

pdf Undercover Cody colouring in

Online Activities

Create your own SunSmart poster

Undercover cody

Visit the Undercover Cody website to learn some cool sunsmart tips, win prizes, and do some fun stuff!



Login to the Generation SunSmart website to complete learning modules to find out about skin cancer and sun protection, then play an interactive game.

Find the UV level for your area:

  • NIWA website - click on your town/city and find out the time during the day you need to protect yourself from the sun.  The diagrams show UV levels at specific times of the day and give a maximum UV level for sunny and cloudy skies. 
  • SunSmart website - provides a map of New Zealand.  Click on your town/city for the forecast of maximum UVI and then your personal behaviour recommendations.