To achieve a comprehensive shady school the following steps are recommended:

  • Integrate findings into the master plan for the site
  • Commission a landscape and planting plan, for the benefit of future generations. Planting can then be gradually implemented as funds allow.
  • Prioritise, on basis of greater likely usage, new shade structures
    • Communal shade, for group gatherings, lunch-eating and play
    • Classroom verandahs, for class activities, eating lunch and play
    • Shade over junior courts
    • Shade over popular play equipment and sand-pits
    • Covered swimming pools (or at least spectator shade)
    •  Shade for staff and visitor areas.
  • Costs and funding - shade can be very expensive to purchase and it can be useful to seek funding or sponsorship for this.

Word document Shade funding template (Word 32 kB)