Students are in school when ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels are at their peak. Schools are uniquely placed to provide a sunsafe environment, educate students about sun protection behaviour and reduce the risk of skin cancer by becoming SunSmart.

Being a SunSmart school shows that your school:

  • is committed to protecting students, staff and parents from the risks of UV radiation
  • is raising awareness about the importance of skin protection among parents and students
  • promotes the school within the community as one that is committed to the health of its students
  • has a sun protection policy that follows the Cancer Society minimum criteria
  • promotes and supports positive sun protection behaviours such as hat wearing
  • is developing and maintaining a sunsafe environment.

Read about FAQ  and Case Studies from SunSmart Schools 

A survey of primary and intermediate schools was carried out in 2005 to establish the level of sun protection policies and practices prior to the SSAP being launched as a National programme. Read the Are New Zealand Schools SunSmart report.

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