SunSmart Schools Video Competition

“Basically we are asking a class, or group of students, to make a short video about their school and sun safety. This is a way to bring the message home to students about how important being SunSmart is,” said Louise Sandford, SunSmart Schools Programme Coordinator.

The SunSmart Schools programme is a set of approved guidelines, provided by the Cancer Society, about how to make a school a sun safe place for students and the school community.
“Many young people are unaware of how easily they can be sunburnt and the damage it does. Sun exposure during childhood and adolescence determines to a substantial degree the potential for developing skin cancer in later life."
“New Zealand has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world, so it is time to get the SunSmart message out to the young people – we believe the video is an innovative project. The entries we have already received prove New Zealand kids have great imaginations! Entries close on 7 October so I am hoping, all those last minute touches are being added.”
Suggested topics for the video include:
  • Our journey of becoming a SunSmart School  
  • Why we need to be SunSmart
  • What we are doing to be SunSmart
  • A Day in the Life of our SunSmart School/Kura
  • How we promote sun safety in the school community  
For more information and entry details visit: