Schools Roadshow Blenheim

The day is being organised through the Public Health Service with Nutrition Physical Activity (NPA), Primary Health Organisation (PHO), alongside other Agencies.     

There will be four areas of health:- 

  • Area 1:  School Staff will have the option of undertaking a health check. 
  • Area 2:  School Staff will have the opportunity to discuss with different Agencies, there specific school focused health programmes.  These include: 
    • the Heart Foundation,
    • Cancer Society, Sunsmart Schools programme - will be displaying and discussing the curriculum resources we provide to schools to promote and educate students in becoming SunSmart. You can check out our resources online in the Teachers section of our website.  
    • Sport Tasman on the equipment trailer for schools.  
  • Area 3:  Agencies that work with families / whanau and children.  School Staff will be able to speak to them on their role within the community and how they can link into the school.
  • Area 4:  A toolbox about to be developed by the Nutrition Physical Activity (NPA) team beside a few Active Health Promoting Schools Principals, supported by educational professionals.  This toolbox will be given to every School once it has been completed.  A draft will be available on the day as it is important that school staff have the opportunity to put in their thoughts, on any possible gap that may have been overlooked.  It will be there for School staff to critique and add to.  The concept of the toolbox is to have something tangible that gives to a teacher a process in moving health such as nutrition and physical activity into the curriculum.  NPA team members will be there discussing different options and possibilities with School Staff.