SunSmart Schools Video Competition

Students need to create a short video clip (up to 5 minutes long) that tells a story of how and why their school/kura is or should be Sunsmart.

Possible Story lines could include:

  • Our journey of becoming a SunSmart School  
  • Why we need to be SunSmart
  • What we are doing to be SunSmart
  • A Day in the Life of our SunSmart School/Kura
  • How we promote sun safety in the school community  

It could be a movie. It could use still photography, or stop motion animation or cartoons. It could be a play, a documentary or even a song or rap. The possibilities are endless!

So get a group, your class or your school together and get started.  The competition opens on 31 January 2011 and closes on 7th October 2011.

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